Mary Poppins The Musical St. Margaret’s Episcopal School

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Summer Perry, Journalist

St. Margaret’s Episcopal School’s production of Mary Poppins will leave you saying it was “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”!

The cultural phenomenon that is Mary Poppins, is set in the 1910s and centers around a peculiar nanny who uses her whimsical yet pristine nature to structure the lives of families in London.

George and Winifred Banks require a notable nanny for their rambunctious children when on a whim Mary Poppins shows up to do just that.

“The Perfect Nanny” otherwise known as Mary Poppins was played by Maddie Bendzick, who was able and willing to capture the effervescent presence that Mary Poppins has been known to have. Playing off of each other was an inescapable feat for Maddie Bendzick as Mary Poppins and Bert played by Alden Copps as they interacted with each other to communicate to the audience who and what they were to each other. Alden Copps as Bert was present in almost every scene and used his character to narrate the very idea of his part in the story of Mary Poppins.

With each step that they took to utilize the entire theater as a whole, the chimney sweeps sang and danced to “Step In Time” which ultimately left the audience with great smiles as they used every part of the theater including the rails.

With the aim to create a 1960s feel to the musical, St. Margaret’s hair and makeup team, Kaylynn Yang, Kate O’Amaro, and Luciana Varkevisser were able to triumphantly do so by having soft yet gentle makeup on each character. Although, there might have been a missed opportunity to arrange older makeup on Mrs. Andrews who was a notably older character.

Mary Poppins brought to you by St. Margaret’s Episcopal School was “Practically Perfect” and was a serene sight for those who have seen the original 1964 cult classic.