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New Clothes, New Me (What’s In And What’s Out?)
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As the Winter 2023-2024 season reaches its end, many people across the globe are found in the remnants of the “new year, new me” craze– fads and fashion trends have been soaring, and along with it: a diversity of cultural predictions for the upcoming year. With last year’s fall magnifying on red-leather styles accompanied by some warm chai lattes, the season truly reigned a reflection of the hit 2000s series Gilmore Girls. But, the ultimate question lies: what is in store for our upcoming spring season? Floral Patterns? Bright Colors? Gingham? While many predict this to be the case, CdM students have more to say.

To begin, the rosette and bow trends, ignited by renowned singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey, have emerged as one of the year’s most prominent fashion sensations. While many dislike its popularity lasting for extended periods, others have just started their journey (embracing their inner cottage core for something cutesy and feminine). Senior and honored fashionista, Lexie Popper, elucidates on this trend’s lingering effects, “Some trends I would expect to see, although a bit overdone, is the bows and the rosettes– very Carrie Bradshaw”. In addition, Popper emphasizes her hopes for the “sheer trend [to continue] (like a cute little mesh graphic top layered with something else). [She thinks] that’s really cute, kind of grungy almost like late 90s.” While some trends fade quickly, fashion trends have been known to stick around for nearly a year. Some, however, remain for decades. Commenting on her fashion predictions for the new season, junior Eden Meyer expresses her liking to slicked-back hair and notes she’d like to see “Colored Jewelry– like for spring if you have a gem on your necklace”. In the past year, many have taken a liking to clean-girl aesthetics. With the trend bringing much popularity, it has branched into a wave of maximalist jewelry and the revival of gold in simpler forms. On the flip side, however, senior and aspiring fashion designer Indie Johnson dreams of a tweed spring, enthusiastic ” for the revival of the Tumblr Myspace Style… mustache on the finger”.

Following the idea of decade revival, many believe that recent hit films will make a lasting impression on societal taste. In line with the resurgence of decade-inspired themes, there’s a widespread belief that recent blockbuster films will leave a lasting imprint on societal preferences and tastes. “I’m a firm believer that movies often set the precedent for an aesthetic that is widely wanted by people and, obviously (or maybe not so obviously), I think that’s going to be Saltburn,” states Popper, elucidating on the idea that ’08 styles will make a comeback. Additionally, bringing on another decade, Johnson claims she’d like to see the 1920s shine through this year, “like flapper style… eyebrows, short hair– that style needs to come back”.

In conclusion, as society continues to draw inspiration from past decades to curate the future, the prevalence of aesthetics in fashion influence cannot be understated. With Meyer, Popper, and Johnson expressing their desires for specific styles to resurface, it’s evident that cultural nostalgia runs the fashion industry.

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