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Dancing the Night Away: CdM Teachers Show-off Their Moves at Dancing with the Teachers

Winner, Mr. Gilbert, lining up with his Orchesis dancers moments before he delivers his winning performance. Photo courtesy of Kaydence Osgood.

The room is filled with anticipation. The gym is packed with teachers, students, and parents from all around the neighborhood as CdM prepares for its legendary annual Dancing with the Teachers. Every cliche pop song of the past few decades greets the waiting viewers. As the lights dim, the previous individuality of the audience disappears as they settle into their seats and become a part of the unambiguous blog filling the big gym bleachers. All eyes fall upon the different teachers showcasing their natural dancing talents and the dancing teams performing. Music fills the atmosphere as the crowds patiently await scores from Rinehart, McCormick, and Breslin. An eccentric and cherished tradition of CDM for the past decade is at play for hundreds of CdM supporters to witness. 

Hosts Peyton Volvan and Matt Wood kick-start the night, dressed in their finest attire. The night’s first performance was Ms. Ault dancing to the iconic “Pretty Girls Walk” and some of Beyonce’s hit songs. This won her a nine from both McCormick and Breslin but an 8 from Rinehart, who wasn’t afraid to add in that “It was a little dirty.” McCormick compared her to Beyonce and claimed that she “gave her a run for her money.”

Ms. Ballas was after, dancing to songs including Doja Cat and many more. Her performance earned her a nine from Breslin, an eight from McCormick, and an eight from Rinehart (who was initially indecisive with her score, changing it from a nine to a ten from an eight to a seven to finally landing on an eight.) The bodybuilder received comments like “With all that upper body strength I’m surprised there were no body lifts”, from Judge Breslin, and “I thought guns were banned on campus,” from Judge Rinehart.


Next up was Mr. Gardener, performing “I’m Just Ken” from the recent movie Barbie. He won a nine from Rinehart, an eight from Breslin, and a nine from McCormick, where she mentioned that he “Peaked in high school,” to which Breslin replied, “It’s not fair to dock him points because he wouldn’t go out with you in high school,” this friendly banter, erupted laughter from the crowd throughout the interaction.

After Mr. Gardener was Mr. Gilbert, who, although displayed his nervousness at the start, put on an outstanding performance. From the facial expressions to the choreography, he won perfect 10s from all the judges. Mr. Breslin even mentioned that he was the “fiercest dancer” on the night.

Ms. Juarez, CdM’s one and only French teacher, shortly took the stage after Gilbert, dancing to a mix of Spanish and French songs. She earned herself an eight from both McCormick and Rinehart and a nine from Breslin, with McCormick proclaiming, “I wish my hips could move like that.” When asked how she felt about her performance, she mentioned, “I was a little mad because I messed up on a part I knew really well, but then I did well on the part I was nervous about.” 

Following Ms. Juarez was Ms. Owney, CdM’s sign language teacher, who danced to a number of jazz songs. She achieved straight nines from all of the judges, while Mr. Breslin exclaims that he hopes he dances that well when he is her age and even sings to her, “You danced well.” After her performance, she said that she “loves doing dancing with the teachers! It’s so fun for the students to see [them] in a different light, and it’s fun working with the girls and learning the dances.”

Greeted with the loudest cheers of the night, Ms. Ramirez was up performing with a bunch of Rihanna songs, like Umbrella. Just like in the song, she used the umbrellas in her performance. She earned a nine from McCormick and a 10 from both Rinehart and Breslin, although Breslin mentioned that he would “give [her] an 18 if [he] could.”

Mr. Reynolds, “Someone who has not peaked in high school,” according to McCormick, was next, juggling balls and dancing his heart out in his light blue outfit. He earned a nine from Breslin and Rinehart and earned a 10 from McCormick. 

Once the contestants finished, intermission started for those who wanted to vote for their favorites. Students who decided to watch rushed to the voting booth, where they paid a dollar for every vote they made. McCormick, when asked about how she felt about all of the dances, mentioned that they were “So so amazing and incredible.” She even mentioned that she felt that either “Reynolds, Gilbert, or Owney” would win. Not only did McCormick feel this way, but another viewer, Daniel Ponomarenko, felt the same. “I think the performances were really well!” he says. 

After intermission, different dance teams stepped up and performed, all from varying ages. Teams like Orchesis, middle school Dance 3, high school Dance 3, and Orchettes executed stunning performances, all impressive and in sync. 

The moment everyone was waiting for, the winner. For the judge’s favorite, Gilbert won, with all three of the judges giving him a perfect score. “I was not expecting to win at all,” he reveals, “but we worked almost every day putting stuff together, so it was really just hard work that paid off.” As the fan favorite, Ramirez was announced the winner. “I’m so happy! I love my girls- they did it, they won it. I was a small little piece.” 

Overall, CdM’s Dancing with the Teachers is a cherished and beloved tradition that many students hold to heart. It brings together the school community and fills the night with joy, music, laughter, and unforgettable performances that leave a lasting impression on everyone who attends. The event is a testament to the strong bond between the teachers and students at CdM and is a reminder that even in the midst of a busy academic schedule, there is always time for fun and celebration.

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