Basketball and Soccer Rescheduling


Photo courtesy of Spencer Lee.

Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

With the spike in COVID cases all across the country, there are many students out of school while they are quarentinging. At CdM, alone, there have been around sixty-five reported cases. Other schools have similar numbers. Since the virus is spread to those within close contact with each other, many sports teams have many affected. The BOTB for both basketball and soccer have been rescheduled, as well as a few other games.


Boys basketball BOTB has been rescheduled to be on January seventeenth 6:00. Their Fountain Valley game was moved to the 22nd at 6:00 and their Los Alamitos games has been postponed until the 24th at 4:00, 6:00, and 7:30. Boys soccer BOTB was rescheduled to the 24th, the time of the game was not given.


Mr. Willibanks, CdM’s athlete director, added that rescheduling isn’t the only impact COVID has made,  “league games are going to take precedence over crossover games, but we’re trying to get everything scheduled within the sunset conference. If it’s non-league against a non-league opponent, those ones might just be canceled.” He also explained that some practices have been shut down because the majority of students are out. They held non-organized practices for those who weren’t home sick so they could work on their skills and practice, but officially the practices were canceled. Following state guidelines, indoor athletes have to wear masks. They are also reinstating weekly mandated COVID tests for cheerleading, wrestling, and basketball.


When asked how he felt about the rescheduling, Mr. Willibanks, CdM’s Athlete Director, stated “I think…at this point it’s expected, so you have to be flexible and understandable and just…go with it. If the team says they’ve tested…then you have to reschedule.” Soccer player, Matt Riker, replied with, “Well it always sucks when we have to cancel games and stuff like that, but it gives us a lot of time for us to get better and get more training.”