Orchesis Show: A Night at the Museum


Photo Courtesy of: Zarah Abdelgawad

As the latecomers shuffle into their seats, the overhead lights in the Seaking theater dim causing the crowd to erupt in excitement. It is March 4th and the CdM Orchesis dance team huddles behind the curtains in anticipation of closing night, the conclusion of months of hard work. The familiar tune of “Someone in the Crowd” from La La Land fills the theater and the team explodes into dance. The show has begun.


 A Night at the Museum, was the chosen theme for this year’s production. Thus, the show was filled with routines wrestling with the complex meanings behind popular works of art or anything museum related. Senior Orchesis member, Zarah Abdelgawad, choreographed multiple routines in the show. As a choreographer she was able to be a part of many aspects of the show, she states that, “…one of [her] favorite [routines] was inspired by a sculpture of Medusa.”  Before the girls took the stage a short video was played which displayed the sculpture, a bust of Medusa, and gave the audience extended context on the art piece. Then Abdelgawad’s routine began.


Adelgawad’s favorite routine in the show was a piece entitled “Thataway”. The routine took more of a humorous and theatrical approach. It was super high energy and for Abdelgawad it was, “so much fun to perform and was a great change of pace from what we normally do in our shows.” Senior Makenna Stefano is good friends with some of the girls on Orchesis, so she went to the show to cheer them on. “Thataway” was also her favorite routine. She shared that, “Not only was the choreography amazing but each of the girls had such amazing showmanship.”


Behind the dancing, music, and blinding lights the true friendship all the girls have with one another is apparent. They began working towards the show in August and their hard work showed through their final performances.