CdM vs Canyon Girls Junior Varsity Lacrosse


CdM and Canyon not long after the first draw. Photo Courtesy of Olivia Clarke.

On March ninth, Corona del Mar High School competed in a girl’s junior varsity lacrosse game against Canyon High School. The game began with a bit of back and forth on the field, but CdM’s very own sophomore Annika Soderstrom scored the first point. Soderstrom is one of the three JV captains, and she is very proud of her team’s gameplay this week. “Our team played defense really well and really pushed through until the very last second of the game,” she commented. The game definitely started off slow, but it picked up the pace later on which made for a very interesting watch. CdM’s goalie, Mateja Lewis, was stopping the opponent from scoring points left and right. Gabriella Bales was the fastest on the field and ran the ball up and down the field several times. Some of the most notable CdM players in this game were also Helena Fratantaro and Miley Perisi.


After the first point was made, the opposing team scored one as well, and the board remained at 1-1 for a short while. That being said, CdM can only wait so long before they start to take control of the field once again. As the timer went down, the energy of the players —and even the crowd— rose. The sunset during the game and the cold started to take over. The scores went up for CdM twice and both times Canyon followed, almost catching up. The points eventually landed at 6-4 in CdM’s favor. With mere minutes left on the board, the game’s intensity was at its highest. CdM scored a point, and Canyon was racing to beat the clock. CdM sealed the deal by scoring one more point not long before the time ran out. CdM won 8-4. Even though CdM certainly played more powerfully and controlled during the second half of the game, they were still great from the start. Sara Machoskie, one of two JV coaches, said, “The team came out strong and aggressive on draws which set the tone for an amazing game and win against Canyon.”


As of now, the next JV game will be on the fifteenth. Go CdM!