Welcome Wednesday


Pictured above is CdM’s cheer squad hosting November/December’s Welcome Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Kaydence Osgood.

Every day walking onto campus can be a difficult task for students to do, but Wednesday is definitely one of the hardest. CdM is constantly searching for new ways to make the campus a more inviting and happier place to be. This year, ASB started Welcome Wednesdays. Once a month, a different group on campus is tasked with making the start of students’ days just a little bit easier.

This month, on November 30th, CdM’s cheer squad spent their morning enthusiastically greeting students as they walked into the pool parking lot gate. They created an enticing environment with their warm smiles, upbeat music, and the perfect combination of Starbucks coffee and donut holes. Tessa McRae, a 10th-grade student, and cheerleader at the event, feels like the purpose of it is to bring “… a little bit of happiness to the campus and I feel like it might lift people’s spirits when they come in.” Despite the expense, she feels it is a good idea and very helpful and effective. Senior Emma Geng agrees with McRae because she loves “… having coffee and donuts, especially on a cold morning and I think it’s such a sweet surprise.”

Overall, the event seemed to be a hit. Many students stopped by and seemed happier when they walked away than when they arrived. Wednesdays can be difficult, but this past Wednesday morning was definitely a little bit easier to get through, thanks to CdM Cheer and ASB. Every month for the rest of the year has a planned Welcome Wednesday, with different welcoming staff.

Do not forget to keep an eye out for the following groups: PAL on January 18th, Boys and girls soccer on February 15th, the Chicago cast on March 22nd, CdM staff on April 26th, and ASB and class council seniors.