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Newport’s Very Own New York: Orchesis 2023 Dance Showcase

Poster for The City That Never Sleeps (Orchesis 2023/2024 Showcase) Photo courtesy of @cdm_orchesis on Instagram

CdM Orchesis takes the audience through New York’s most iconic moments. Each dance represented a capsule in time and emulated the Big Apple’s notable features through a mixture of music and videography to complement their choreography. 

Orchesis Welcomes CdM to the Big Apple with “Welcome to Times Square.” Their costumes glittered as they glided across the disco-lit stage to “Putin’ on the Ritz,” filling the auditorium with an eager audience due in large part to Brochesis’ encouraging cheers. The show has begun.

Bright red outfits were adorned on stage by the dancers who danced passionately to Kesha’s “Woman” and Nelly Furtado’s “Maneater” for their “Girl Boss” number. Bright lighting shined down on the girls, synchronizing with the power of their steps and fierce choreography.

Their Broadway-esque performance of  “Rockette Dreams” was unapologetically energetic and topped off with the signature Rockette kick-line. The girls’ red-lipped smiles shone from the stage as curtains fell for intermission.  

Hip Hop In Harlem performance (Karissa Beltran-Jimenez)

A colorful brick wall was rolled out, decorated with spray paint, and setting the scene for “Hip Hop in Harlem.” A staple music genre in New York City was showcased with expressive dance moves choreographed by junior Sophia Tiernan. The group of girls sported vibrant blue tops and cargo pants while dancing along to songs like Rihanna’s “Run This Town” and T.I.’s “Bring Em Out.”

A Tragic Loss performance (Karissa Beltran-Jimenez)

In memory of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers, Orchesis danced somberly to represent the losses that took place on that day. Beautiful choreography highlighted the emotions felt on that date which continues to be remembered and honored each passing year.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game performance.
(Karissa Beltran-Jimenez)

Orchesis did not miss the ball with “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. The team tap danced to High School Musical’s “I Don’t Dance”. Their custom Orchesis jerseys and props made for an immersive experience, transporting the audience to the stands of an all-American event, a NY ball game. 

Orchesis student and choreographer of the “Glamour on 5th Avenue” number, Mallory Gamewell, would describe the routine as “all things luxury! [she] really wanted to encapsulate the experience of shopping on 5th Avenue.” Her top priority as a performer in this showcase was “making sure [her] energy is positive and that [her] overall demeanor is relatively relaxed. It’s all about being in a good headspace before a huge performance!” Gamewell mentioned the New York genre of the show was “easy to generate ideas for” since the inspiration regarding the topic was “endless.” When asked what her biggest struggle was when preparing for the show, Gamewell responded, “Biggest struggle had to be getting through eleven days straight of practicing in the theater. Although fun, it for sure was draining.” The hard work ended up paying off as she and the rest of the orchesis team were able to “perform onstage with all [their] friends and feel the audience’s positive reactions.”

The Seniors performance (Karissa Beltran-Jimenez)

Class of 24’ includes five girls part of Orchesis who danced in “The Seniors” number. “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles perfectly complemented the theme of the dance and how their time spent in Orchesis is soon to come to an end and how it has impacted their high school experiences.

The Brocheisis came out onstage to an outpour of applause. As cameras started playing, the team broke out into a surprisingly synchronized choreography of “Temperature” and “Hot in Here”. When a few members of the Orchesis joined in on the performance, CdM’s firefighters lit up the stage with palpable charisma. 

An act from the Finale performance (Karissa Beltran-Jimenez)
The performers receiving a round of applause at the finale. (Karissa Beltran-Jimenez)
The performers rallying at the finale. (Karissa Beltran-Jimenez)

Audience members await the “Finale,” a final number which draws attention to the premise of the show. Orchesis (and Brocheisis) gathered at the center of the stage to take their final bows, celebrating the result of months of hard work and constant practice, with a group dance resembling something of a mosh pit. The homage paid to the Big Apple and its iconic features took the audience on a trip from the CdM theater to New York itself as the curtains came to a close.

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