Ken Ludwig’s “Lend Me A Tenor” brought to you by Tesoro Theatre


Photos courtesy of: @tesorotheatrearts, edited on PicsArt

Summer Perry, Journalist

Harmonious door slams, shocking twists, and police sirens are what lies waiting for those who wish to see Tesoro Theatre’s edge-of-your-seat production of Lend Me A Tenor.

Playwright Ken Ludwig created the comedic play Lend Me A Tenor in the spring of 1986 and received nine Tony Award nominations winning Best Director and Best Actor while on Broadway in 1989. This fast-paced farce tells the story of a world-renowned Italian tenor, Tito Merelli who arrives in Cleveland, Ohio at the hand of Henry Saunders, the general manager of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company. Henry’s right-hand man Max lends not only a hand but a tenor as he fills in for the otherwise wifeless and lifeless Merelli, but is he both, either or neither?

Tesoro Theatre’s depiction of Lend Me A Tenor was substantially supported by its aesthetically pleasing period-accurate hotel set design. Adding to the actor’s energy and overall characters the set gave the audience context and kept them grounded in the idea of the past.

With tough character personalities to follow, lead actor Dawson Henry as Max made his character unique and subtle so that the audience could understand his actions later in the show. Lead actress, Caitlin Kampff as Maggie not only showed that her character was charming and elegant but showed a relatable character who is swoon over Tito Marelli.

Supporting and comedic actress, Ariana Gomez who plays Maria sent shockwaves through the audience with her dramatic entrance in Act 2 and dragged them along with her as she confronted her cheating husband. Supporting actor Deven Grover who plays Tito Marelli lived up to his character remarkably. Ariana Gomez and Deven Grover completed the marriage trope beautifully and had great chemistry that was to die for.

With 69 lighting cues created by Katie Brown, the ambiance of each character was modeled as the lighting communicated their personalities effectively. Powerful and original sounds were found by Micalyse Gates and his fellow sound designer; Lauren Rigby, Lilly Miranda, and Mars McCormick to further connect the audience to the play as the police sirens worked flawlessly alongside the flashing red and blue lights.

Lend Me A Tenor brought to you by Tesoro High School was incredibly deserving of a standing ovation and hit every cliche in the book so unbelievably well.