Favorite Songs of CdM


Photo of music notes. Photo courtesy of dreamstime.com.

Maria Dahl and Zoe Teets

Many people find that music plays a great role in their lives and emotions. For some, playing music while they are getting ready in the morning, studying, and just wanting a break lets them relax and energize themselves for the task that follows. Throughout the years, there will be a new album, or a specific song, that someone starts playing on repeat throughout their day, and will eventually become the song they turn to for many moods. A fan of music himself, Junior Jonah Cordas loves listening to music frequently because “it makes [him] happy and want to sing.” This past year, especially, many artists have produced new music which have quickly become the favorites of many.
Music can help many people navigate their lives, from calming them down, to giving them the motivation that they need. Junior Lexi Popper enjoys listening to music, particularly “Some” by Steve Lacy, because she “craves stimulation and that song just makes [her] brain a little confused” and listening to music is a great way to “help pass the time.” Also a music lover, sophomore Tessa Andersson enjoys listening to her favorite songs because they “have a great vibe.”
2022 was a great year for music lovers. With new albums from huge artists like Taylor Swift, SZA, Drake, and Harry Styles, people are entering 2023 with full playlists. Exemplifying this, the release of Taylor Swift’s latest album Midnights was highly anticipated, and instantly topped the charts. Sophomore Eden Clark is a “huge swiftie”, and was “so excited for the release of Midnights.” An even more recent album, SOS by SZA also performed very well, and became an instant favorite for many CdM students. Sophomore Negin Assar’s current favorite song is one of the most streamed on the album. She “love[s] the song “Nobody Gets Me” by SZA,” as she finds it very “relatable.”
Many of Cdm students’ favorite songs entail new releases from 2022, but there are some students who have held onto their favorites for a couple of years. Andersson’s current favorite song “is “Body Funk” by Purple Disco Machine”, which came out years ago. This song continues to be her favorite because “it is very groovy.” Another favorite song that predated many of the other favorites at CdM “is “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.” As Cordas’s favorite, he enjoys this song because “it is a really good song” and he will continue to listen to it.
Although there is a lot of variety in the music tastes of the school, many CdM students can agree on several top artists that they favor. When asked, some of the most popular artists mentioned were Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, SZA, and Steve Lacey. There is also some agreement in the genres of music students enjoy listening to. Assar and Andersson feel that they are generally open minded when it comes to listening to new genres of music as long as the songs are “anything but country.” In an equally decisive sentiment, Cordas states that he will never listen to rap, because “rap sucks.”
Overall, as many students would agree, listening to music is a beneficial hobby and way to express oneself. The music tastes of CdM help to understand students better and get a glimpse into their personalities. While favorite songs, artists, and genres differ from student to student, there can also be underlying similarities. Surely when compared to each other, the playlists, liked songs, and Spotify wrapped lists of CdM students would be unique to each student while sharing some of the same songs.