Holiday Rally 2021


Top left- Orchesis, Top middle- Sparkle and HS Football, Top right- MS Cheer, Bottom left- HS ASB, Bottom right- HS Boys Baseball

Karissa Beltran-Jimenez, Journalist

The 2021 holiday rally, like always, was one of the most awaited events of the school year. According to Colin McKenna, who played Santa at the rally, ASB manages to top each performance year after year “by really thinking about what the school would want, what the audience wants to see, and what gets them into the Christmas mood.”


This year’s theme was Christmas in New York which sparked wanderlust in the audience. Hosted by rally commissioners Claire Eusey and Conrad Oliver-Meier, the skit portrayed them as husband and wife who take a spontaneous trip to New York for the holidays.


High school cheer started off the rally with a gravity-defying performance. Dressed as flight attendants, they carried on the storyline of Eusey and Oliver-Meier’s flight from LAX to NYC. Next was Middle School cheer which portrayed their taxi ride from the airport to Rockefeller Center.


After realizing that they will not be home for Christmas, Eusey and Oliver- Meier go to a shopping center. There, the salesmen, played by Matthew Wood, pointed the two towards orchesis who played expert shoppers that selected the perfect gifts. CdM Orchesis displayed a flashy and exceptional performance tributed to New York’s sophisticated fashion-filled atmosphere.


Next, drumline recreated a New York City style street performance. Their clever utilization of buckets and pots was satisfying, raw, and transported the audience to the streets of New York. Afterward, drumline proceeded with a surprise dance performance. The boys did not disappoint. In fact, the crowd seemed to enjoy the performance even more as it showcased more complex choreography. Following drumline was boys lacrosse, their uniform, yet quirky, take on their performance as the rockets livened up the crowd.


Continuing the storyline, Eusey and Oliver-Meier lead the audience through their drive through the bustling streets of New York where Sparkle and the High School Football team played city construction workers who were blocking the road. The collaboration was brilliant and cheerful, making audiences smile at the heartfelt display. This year, ASB, the curators of the event, too had an opportunity to dance a compilation of songs during the rally. They played the role of the stuffy New York businessmen and women, however, their performance was far from that. They displayed their usual confidence and flare, not straying away from quirky jetures and smiling their way through the choreography breaking the stiff view businessmen seem to have.


After making it through the hectic traffic, the rally commissioners continued their quest to the post office which lead to CdM Song performing as postal workers. The youthful spirit and clean technique they brought to the floor left audiences satisfied. The video debate between Amazon and Santa that followed was definitely a crowd favorite due to the many laughs it brought. It was narrated by Ella Avital and featured Pierce Hemphill as an amazon worker and Nolan Crane as Santa. The dance that followed highlighted players from the high school baseball team. Their intentionally comical moves were both witty and charming, keeping the audience smiling throughout.


Back in Newport, the Middle School ASB students playing Eusey and Oliver- Meier’s children in the skit experienced CdM Vocal’s breathtaking demonstration of live music, paying proper homage to true entertainment. The singing was led by Sophia Rabin whose stunning voice left the audience dazed.


The skit ended with the kids being flown out to New York for the infamous ball drop which acted as the rally’s conclusion. The finale was the customary dance including all of the rally’s performers. The 2021 holiday rally did not disappoint. The performances were a fresh and innovative take on bringing Christmas in New York to CdM.