Violet Visions- Second Successful Sale


Angelina Jia, Journalist

Violet Visions did it again and brought a unique thrift experience to the public at their second sale. While walking up to their set up, fun music drifts through the air and people can be seen milling about the racks of vibrant clothes. One shopper, CdM senior Jordan Jasso, thought “it was really cool and that it reminded me of the markets in LA, so it was special that they brought it to our area.” She ended up purchasing a cute orange tank top on Saturday afternoon. The two business founders, CdM senior Maya Clausman and her friend Ellie Tolan, could be seen walking around and chatting with the people browsing, making them feel more comfortable and welcome while digging through bins and racks. On top of having beautiful and unique pieces to buy, Violet Visions is very affordable and has bins for $20, $15, $5, and even $1. The staple pieces are a little more, but still very reasonable considering their quality.

After learning from their first sale, the two changed some things up this time around. For starters, they introduced a men’s section to the shop, and “hope to grow the men’s section to have a diverse store for any conformity.” The rack featured many vintage band t-shirts and, a personal favorite, a huge leather trench coat in perfect condition. They also tried out having a presale. People had the option of having early access to the sale on Saturday for a small $5 fee. As they recapped the event, they mentioned that “A lot more people showed up for the presale than we expected and that was super exciting.” Their favorite piece “snagged during the presale by the first person.” It was a long, “handmade and gorgeous” ballerina dress, and an amazing find.

With many more sales and changes to try, these two have a lot cut out for them down the road. They look to their business’s future, saying “From here we would like to start a website, get our business license so we can set up in other locations, and grow our social media platforms to reach more people.” They have started something special and will remember this experience for the rest of their lives.