Center Stage – CdM Drama Department’s Macbeth


Photos courtesy of Morgan Savage, Jackson Jaha, Tom Eastmond, Lucas Phillips, Savannah Harper and Sabina Martin. They are pictured both on and off of campus, demonstrating the bonds formed within the CdM Drama Department.

Karissa Beltran-Jimenez, Journalist

Compelling. Passionate. Powerful.

The spotlights have been out and the stage has been empty for quite some at CdM’s theater, until now. The empty silence of the immaculate theater projected the auditionees as the echoes of their voices illuminated the stage. Their performances emanated Shakespearian ambiance as CdM’s Drama Department works to bring us, Macbeth.

    Macbeth, a play written by William Shakespeare, tells the story of a man and the journey of brutality and greed that led him to the thrown, and the repercussions he faced afterward. The dramatic stars its namesake who, overall, is “… a very very complex character,” Tom Eastmond describes. “[Macbeth] is strong, but there are some sort of vulnerabilities with him and that’s always a fun character to play,” he said.

    While not only featuring a variety of gender-bent roles, the CdM Drama Department and their advisor, Ms. Yabbarra, who is recognized for her “… genius when it comes to design and inspiration,” as said by Savannah Harper, will be constructing this Shakespearian tale in a post-apocalyptic setting. The twist, while divergent to the source, “…allows a lot of opportunity for growth,” said Savannah Harper. Morgan Savage stated that “…as actors, [this twist] … pushes us past our comfort zones which makes us even better…” with Harper adding that, “…especially in this climate and everything going on, it adds an element of depth and intensity that I think the world could use…” Sabina Martin believes that Macbeth’s selection “… [is] a strong start to a strong season.” Martin also mentioned how “… [she likes] Shakespeare, not in the era it’s supposed to be in… we relate to it more,” she finished. The novelties within the show are said to give audiences “… moments that their like ‘do I clap after this or no… do I laugh or do I cry’ but… that questioning of reality… may be really really cool for people,” Harper stated.

    The aspiring cast members of Macbeth honed in on their performances and now that auditions are over, Savannah shares that “… with any audition, or any performance comes butterflies.” Harper said that “… it’s like a mix of nervousness and excitement.” Adding that “[she wants] to give people a compelling performance.”

    The CdM Drama Department and Macbeth actors want to deliver a performance “…that everyone… should look forward to,” Phillips said. Jackson Jaha believes audiences are “… looking forward to [seeing] how much [the actors] connect on stage, physically and emotionally…” with Lucas Phillips adding that “…[drama] it’s honestly something that’s unique and just such a great experience for audience members and for cast and crew…” which is why they hold their execution so close to heart.

    Despite the tremendous undertaking, Haper stated that “… it’s one that everyone is willing to put time, effort, and energy into…It’s definitely a time commitment but I think it’s one we all love doing.” Eastmond mentioned that at the CdM Drama Department “…you get in touch with people of all grades [and] of all ages at CdM, and their not just CdM friends, they will end up being life long friends.” Phillips stated that “It’s very close-knit… [there’s] always a sense of family [behind the scenes],” with Harper adding that the environment is always open to all. “We’re not scary,” she says “we’re theater kids what are we gonna do bite you?”

    The first signs of life return to the Sea King Theater as the CdM Drama Department and its selection of brilliant aspiring actors begin coming together and commence the creation of Macbeth. Many from the department are “… honestly… just trying to get back to doing what [they] love, you know, it’s that simple” said Harper. They are “… trying to bring back that enthusiasm and… wow factor to theater because… that got a little bit lost in the…” chaos and craziness or, as said by Savannah… “the chrayos”. Savannah says these actors are looking “… to bring a level of intensity and connection…” in their performance that will resonate with the audience. Phillips ended by stating “…It’s going to be awesome, it’s going to be epic…” CdM, start lining up to see Macbeth as the theater doors open and the spotlights switch back on this November.