Fashion Trends Set to Explode in 2021

Hunter Lejano, Journalist

The y2k trend in 2020 will always be known as the “go to fashion inspo,” says student Cate Keifer (11). Now that 2021 is here, it’s time to develop and branch out into new fashion trends. A lot of celebrities such as Emma Chamberlin, Charlotte Dalessio, and Bella Hadid influence the fashion taste for millennial women. Student Ellie Tolan(11) believes “these celebrities would be a great example of the 2020 trends because they’ve brought back low-rise jeans, corsets, and slip dresses.” There’s high hopes for these predictions for 2021 fashion trends.

The first prediction is knits and crochet clothing items that go into a bohemian, indie style. Funky knitted sweaters are great to be comfortable yet stylish; crochet accessories like totes or hats; crochet colors pants look great with a plain basic crewneck.

Moving on to streetwear, Air Jordan 1’s are coming back from the 90’s. It’s said that the sneaker culture will go super mainstream with this expensive shoe. Next, there are Opera Gloves. These gloves are sheer and quite see-through with an embroidered pattern that gives a sophisticated look especially with long fur trim coats or blazers. Fur trim coats and blazers are trending in the colder weather, that puts any basic color outfit together. Going into jackets, baseball and nascar jackets are a good streetwear clothing style necessity.

Sometimes trends are just too good and tend to stay in style but just get developed into an individual’s particular taste. The silk bandanas/ scarves that were popular in the summer of 2020 are staying in style for this year. They have been seen worn in several different ways as a top and are very indie or bohemian. Also, bold printed pants are staying popular and there’s a huge variety of patterns to go with a simple white tank top. One can dress the pants up for a statement outfit or dress them down with an oversized sweatshirt and Air Jordan 1’s for a streetwear/ skater aesthetic.

These are just some inspirations to help develop one’s taste and expand one’s knowledge of the 2021 fashion trend predictions.