Drive-in Craze


Kat Keller, Journalist

If anything good has come out of quarantine, it most certainly has been the drive-in. Drive-in movies, a trend quickly on the rise, have been popping up almost everywhere since mid-summer. To opt for the drive-in adventure is not only an incredibly safe and advantageous choice but also an opportunity to make incredibly unique memories with friends and loved ones. The experience is super cool and has a major coming-of-age moment aesthetics to it. Junior Mikayla Shaffer, who has made quite a few visits to the drive-in since its opening, reviews her most memorable experiences.

“I went to the drive-in a bunch at the Spectrum, especially over the summer,” she says. The wide variety of options for movies was surely a great factor in that, as they showed such diversity in choices from kids’ movies to Oscar nominees. “The Goonies and La La Land were definitely the most notable though,” she shares from her experience. As if it already isn’t too good to be true, the drive-in is easy to work with and particularly convenient. Mikayla tells all about how smooth things went, from picking up her friends to getting there early and finding a good spot. Although, some drive-ins, especially the one at the spectrum, can lean a little more on the pricier side. As expected, just like normal movie theaters, tickets and food can tend to be overpriced. Taking this into account, Mikayla solved the problem by using her “more the merrier” mentality and inviting her closest friends to come along. “We were even able to leave and get dinner at the mall before it started, plus, we got to bring a bunch of our own snacks!” Being able to sit in a drive-in gives off a completely different vibe as well. In talking about her perspective of the movie-watching experience from the car, she adds that “It was super fun because we could control the volume and were able to make comments/sing along without bothering anyone. 10/10 would go again.”