It’s Finally Here: Disneyland’s Star Wars Theme Park is Open

It’s Finally Here: Disneyland’s Star Wars Theme Park is Open

Audrey Tumbarello, Journalist

Millions have been waiting since Disney announced that they were building a Star Wars theme park. As of Wednesday, May 29, the park opened to the public. Known as Star Wars: Galaxy Edge it was a hit right off the bat. The park has a lot of cool aspects of it that make it stand out. Some include the food and the experience.

Star Wars: Galaxy Edge has unique food never seen before. Right when you walk in the park you can smell fried Eudorian tip-yip and smoked Kaadu ribs. One of the biggest and most unique drinks you can find at the park is the bantha milk. Bantha milk is a plant-based, dairy free drink that can come in one of two ways- blue or floral green. Some of the top restaurants or places to eat the park have been Rondo Roasters, a barbeque joint, Docking Bay 7, a restaurant where you can find creative spins on food, and Oga’s Cantina, where alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks are sold. This park has different spins on food and drinks that have so far impressed guests. One said that he “had food that he loved. It was delicious and out of this world.”

Not only is the food rated very high, but so is the experience. This park is said to be very interactive. Guests can use the Disneyland Park App on their smartphones and they can translate Aurebesh Script that is spotted throughout the park. Also, with the app guests can eavesdrop on conversations between the planet residents, and interact with droids and collect virtual items. One can collect virtual items by scanning cargo boxes. Another game that is played is called “Outpost Control.” It is a real life game that unfolds through the app daily. The games goal is to fight the resistance and then go to certain doors that the first order has installed and hack them. The winner is the first side to control the majority of panels. It is an interactive park that has many cool features.

Overall, this park is one to visit. It has very good reviews and it so far had managed to impress guests with the food and the experience. It is a park that you will definitely not be bored in.