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Four Los Angeles Deputies Injured Due to Spontaneous Explosion

A tragic incident has recently occurred at a police training facility in Los Angeles, California. Four LASD deputies are injured-two of them in critical condition after a fire spontaneously erupted during their training session Tuesday morning (on October 10th). The cause of the fire is unknown, and investigators are still attempting to figure out precisely what provoked it. Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna has yet to identify the sheriffs by name however, Luna did give out other information about the deputies in critical condition: a 21-year veteran assigned to the sheriff’s North County Correctional Facility and another 17-year veteran assigned to the Sylmar Courthouse. 

Hearing this news provokes fear throughout the community, especially those who have family living by this training facility, as it is unknown what might randomly occur. The facility, belonging to the Casaic, has been known for a long time for having stunning lakes and being near Six Flags. After the news broke, many started panicking, and questions arose. Will they be safe? If the fire was random, could it happen to them at any time? 

Junior Yuliia Bilinska, who had lived in the area for around two months before coming to CdM, comments, “Some of my family live nearby, so it honestly makes me feel really anxious… I hope nothing like that happens to them.” Bilinska is not the only one scared- her uncle, who works nearby, also notes something about the situation, remarking, “It’s scary what can randomly happen. You’ll never know what’s next.” When asked what he was doing to avoid potential injury in incidents like this, he replies, “[He is] always double-checking everything because safety comes first.”

As investigations currently ensue, the two deputies in critical condition are stable. Although many are still concerned about the unplanned explosion happening near them, authorities are working to figure out what happened. As for those injured, the expectation is that they recover and communities can come together following the incident. 


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