CdM’s Ski Week Plans

Photo of a ski lift. Photo courtesy of @derwiki on

Photo of a ski lift. Photo courtesy of @derwiki on

Zoe Teets and

About a month after the start of the second semester, CdM students get a week off of school. Presidents Recess, or commonly known as Ski Week, is a break loved by many, as it is the first vacation of the new year. Students get a break from school, while also being able to enjoy vacationing in the snow one last time before Spring Break. From going to Big Bear to relaxing at home, many students enjoy their Ski Week.


Excited for the upcoming break, Junior Iman Parwiz can not wait for Ski Week to arrive. She plans to “train for track, watch some movies, write [her] AP Lang FAC,” and rest. Parwiz likes Ski Week  a lot, as it is a time where students can “get a break from school, as well as catch up and study. [She] always makes sure to still have time to hang out with [her] family and friends too.”


Freshman Ian Jenkins is greatly anticipating this year’s break. He enjoys this break so that he “can have a week off to spend with friends” and just relax. He often skis at Mammoth during Ski Week as well. This vacation, Jenkins plans to “go to Big Bear with [his] family and is bringing [their] dog” to enjoy the snow.


Sophomore Dania Obaidi is also a fan of Ski Week. Her favorite part is “getting a week off from school and not having any homework,” which is a sentiment shared by many during this time of year. She especially enjoys just “having a break” from school. For this year’s Ski Week, Obaidi will be “going to New York for the week.”


Overall, Ski Week is a great way to have a break from school, and come back more motivated and prepared for the oncoming spring quarter. Students can take this break to relax, hang out with friends, go on vacation, and so much more. Hopefully, this break will give CdM students the energy they need to survive the couple of months ahead before Spring Break.