Spain Vs. Germany Tie- 2022 FIFA World Cup


Photo Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

On Sunday, November 27 Germany and Spain played each other in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Both teams are high-ranking teams, and both number among the eight teams to have won the World Cup previously. Spain only once in 2010, and Germany four times in 1954, 1974, 1990, and 2014. Both teams have support from various Corona del Mar students. Juniors Alex Grant and Aiden Maestas are both supporters of the German team while in terms of this match Junior Sofia Martinez was rooting for Spain. In terms of the cup as a whole Martinez tends to “root for the underdog.” The game ended with a tie with a score of 1-1. Spain’s goal was courtesy of Alvaro Morata, and Germany pulled through with a goal from Niclas Füllkrug.

So what are the chances of either team qualifying? Well to find that out we have to look at some of the other games in their group. Germany and Spain are in Group E of the World Cup which at this point includes the two of them as well as Costa Rica, and Japan. Earlier the same day that Spain played Germany, Japan had lost 0-1 to Costa Rica which is an advantage for Germany, as they are now only two points behind Japan, who are set to play Spain in the near future. In order to qualify, not only will Japan have to lose to Spain, but Germany will also have to beat Costa Rica. If these events occur it would not be good for the Spanish team, however, as they would not qualify if these events transpire. If Japan does happen to lose however this would obviously be good for the Spanish, but it would not completely rule out the German team. In this case, matters would be decided by goal difference and a margin of at least two points would be necessary in order for Germany to advance. Spain is currently in a fairly good position to advance to the next bracket, however, if they lose to Japan, and Costa Rica beats Germany, Spain will likely be out of the game.