End of Fall Sports


Photo of CdM tennis courts. Photo courtesy of Zoe Teets.

Students have settled into their routine in the first quarter of the 2022-2023 school year. The athletes playing girl’s tennis, cross country, girl’s volleyball, and more have dedicated countless hours to their sports in order to defeat their opponents in their games. Looking at the outcomes of all the fall sports, both coaches and players should be proud of this past season.


Girl’s tennis has had an amazing season. Reflecting on this past tennis season, sophomore Eden Clark said “this season was so much fun!” Clark’s highlight of the season was “playing doubles” and “hanging out with the team.” The junior varsity team was “undefeated,” and the varsity team qualified for CIF in the open division. The girl’s tennis team has given CdM a season to be proud of.
The cross country season is not yet over, as varsity just qualified for CIF prelims, adding two more weeks to the season. Sophomore Logan Walsh, a varsity runner, said that the season “went pretty well,” as he accomplished his goal of “running three miles under seventeen minutes.” His favorite part of the 2022 cross-country season has been “spending time with friends and making new friends.” The team recently competed in the Sunset League Finals in the wave league, against Edison, Laguna Beach, Marina, and Huntington Beach. The girl’s team finished strongly in third place, and the boy’s team got fourth place. With the scores seen by the team this year, it is clear that both the girl’s and boys’ cross-country teams have had a winning season.


Girl’s volleyball has also had a strong season. Sophomore Maryann Withrow loved the “team dinners and really bonding with [her] teammates.” The season has proven to be a triumphant one, as the varsity team qualified to compete in CIF, and they “all had accomplished something [they] thought [they] never would.” All of their wins across the varsity, junior varsity, and Freshman/Sophomore teams point to an unquestionably successful season.


With the majority of the games over, with mostly CIF games left, all seven of the fall sports have had an incredibly successful season. Next up are the winter sports, including girl’s water polo and boy’s volleyball. Many fall athletes will transition into their winter sports.