A Message for September and Lorelei Duarte’s Must-listens

A Message for September and Lorelei Duarte’s Must-listens

Britta Wolker, Journalist

Most always, fall represents the turning of a new leaf. Some beginnings bring happiness, like cider into cold hands. Some beginnings bring quite the opposite and worry those afraid of accepting that not all journeys are eager to smooth starts. Trident Magazine has recently published its first issue, “Metamorphosis.” The purpose of the theme allows readers to view change as a natural part of growth: openness to changing opinions, hobbies, and expectations. As concluded by editor Claire Qiu (12) in the issue’s editor note, be inspired to “reflect on your own —ongoing— metamorphosis, as you evolve and grow into the person you are and will continue to be.”


 In September, the loss of a beloved mentor, teacher, and coach affected CdM tremendously.

In covid news, those aged sixty-five and up, or fifty through sixty-four with underlying medical conditions, are now qualified for a booster shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

The United States ended 20 years of war in Afghanistan —the longest war in American history. So many new things are happening, so many big changes.


These heavy beginnings are not, however, the only form of change. On a lighthearted note, small discoveries are little bits of joy. Namely in music, a new school year has provided an excuse for finding cool new music. As Lorelei Duarte shares some of her September favorites, she reflects the mood of September. Based on her lineup of tunes, Duarte’s September reflects an air of tough leather boots and a personality willing to take on the world:


“My top five songs include: “Weird fishes” by Radiohead —I can really understand the lyrics and it transports me to the songwriter’s head —feelings of being trapped in a relationship in which he wants to escape from badly. Number two is “Sextape” by Deftones. I feel like I’m floating through a murky fog, but I’m being supported and comforted. Third would be “Headup” by Deftones —one of the first songs that got me into heavier metal, this song makes me want to jump around and shake my head so my hair gets all messed up, it’s a super fun song! Oo and “Good morning” by Ralph Castelli! This song is a perfect lazy Sunday morning song, makes me feel warm and happy inside. I can’t forget “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz. I appreciate how Lenny was able to turn his feelings of anxiety into a happy tune; I think everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to escape reality, which is what this song is about. This song is an escape in itself, and offers you a temporary break from the world.”