Should Teens Trick or Treat?

Trick or treating is one of the busiest times of the year for neighborhoods, grocery stores, costume shops, etc. But around this time of year, some teens think they are too old to trick or treat and some want to live out their childhood for at least one more year. Some parents think their kids will cause mischief and don’t really trust them to go out by themselves. Other parents think they will be polite and help their little siblings or at least help them connect with their friends.


Some people say teens should not be able to Trick or Treat because they may cause some trouble. For example, vandalizing other people’s property and taking away other kids’ candies. In some cities in, it is illegal for kids who aren’t 12 and under to trick or treat, or else they will face a huge consequence of a fine between $25-$100 and maybe some jail time. That may seem over the top for teens who just want to Trick or Treat and don’t intend on hurting anyone.

Trick or treating is an option for teenagers, but some of them think they are too old to wear costumes and go door to door asking for candy. Others want to remember their childhood and want to make closer bonds with their friends and their younger sibling(s). Catalina Retting and her friends are all in 11th grade and are very eager to go. “I am going to be a pirate,” she said ecstatically. If people are trick or treating with their friends their friendships can grow greater because they can get to know each other better. Later they walk door to door asking for candy and later they go to one of their homes and watch a scary Halloween movie together and eat all the candy they have collected. Maybe even have a sleepover! With so much time spent together all in one day helps a friend group grow bigger bonds.


People tend to have their own opinions on if teens should go trick or treating or not. This is a very debatable topic and everyone should have their own opinions on this but some cities in Virginia may have gone a little overboard with such a harsh law.