Clash of the Classes Rally


Ryleigh Snow, Journalist

Friday, March 25, 2022, the clash of the classes rally gathered all CdM high schoolers in one gym at one time, for the first time since before covid. Not only did all the performing arts groups put on an amazing America’s-Got-Talent-themed show, but they did so flawlessly. With Conrad Olivier Myer and Claire Eusey as the hosts, they brought laughter amongst all the grades. Four Judges sat in the seats at the head of the gym and rated their opinion of each performing group with either a “yes” to advance to the next round, or (how Americans got talent actually works) hit a big red ex in front of them on the table. Although almost every (if not every) group got the ex from at least one judge, they all had outstanding acts that the grades of Corona del Mar loved to see.


Even if the students weren’t necessarily into the rally, at least they got out of class for 35 minutes! Orchesis, song, cheer, choir, drumline, sparkle, and 4 senior boys performed facing the superior side (the upperclassmen) but getting the crowd excited to be back and rolling like normal school rallys should be. Junior, Ella Anvaripour says that “This rally was unique compared to all the other ones because the students were really hype” The majority of students participated in the annual scream to see which grade is the loudest, but per usual, the seniors overtook that award. Their hype to be the top dogs this year is something special that puts them over the top with their ability to yell the loudest. (And the fact that they are the most developed students with the biggest set of lungs).


The Sophomores however won the game of human-sized hungry hungry hippo and collected the most balls in their laundry basket. One student held the others’ feet while on a rolley scooter, as a team of 2 per grade the students tried to collect the most balls as they could in the short two minutes that they had. Sophomores collected far more balls than any other grade. Michelle Tung says that her favorite act to watch in the rally was “Song because I have a lot of friends that I get to watch and they had a cool performance” Overall, this rally was a hit for every grade, even though the seniors won! CdM is excited for the next rally of the school year.