Bob Ross Painting


Zoe Deralas and Emma Joyce

Before the start of finals week, school organizations always attempt to set up and encourage ways to destress and become fully focused for the upcoming tests. For example, ASB set up a painting class that took place in the ASB room at lunch and all students were welcome.

This class was inspired by Bob Ross, a former artist who had his own television show “Joy Of Painting”, as a tutorial to the viewers on how to make a number of different art pieces. The students used this as inspiration and morphed the idea into CdM culture.

The event was mentioned on Trident TV all week and the students who attended said it was fun and something different.

ASB set the painting lesson up on the projector, and students followed along and got to keep their artwork at the end of the lunch period. They also prepared the materials for others to use by putting all the necessary paint colors in a pallet, supplying paper, paint brushes and everything else needed.

This lasted approximately 30 minutes, which was plenty of time to create a nice work of art. This was the first time CdM had done this event, and based on the reviews by the students, it was definitely a success.