Hugz: The New Depression Reliever Brand

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Lily Wagner, Journalist

November 25, 2022, was the day when Lexi Hensler, a very powerful influencer, officially launched her mental health brand claiming the title of Hugz. Hensler is really passionate about spreading the word about the importance of mental health by creating weighted stuffed animals that are microwavable and can be put in a freezer and put on someone’s stomach or back to release any sort of stress or depression. Her stuffed animal characters are a duck, an elephant, a llama, and a sloth. She also finds mental health to be her top priority and this is the reason why she has founded her very meaningful and powerful brand where she donates 10% of all proceeds of her Hugz of the Month to mental wellness charities.


When Hensler was seventeen years old she ended up in the hospital and almost died but she has never revealed to the public how she got in there. Her fans were very worried about her recent post of her in a hospital bed attached to so many tubes. While she was laying in her hospital bed, she was creating a bucket list for herself. Hensler’s mom would also bring lavender daily to her room, boosting her mood. Ever since the day she has been discharged from the hospital, she realized that mental health is her top priority moving forward. She has started doing things she enjoys and fulfilling her bucket list. Her list is mostly containing travel destinations mainly in Europe. So far she has been to the Orient Express, ICEHOTEL in Sweden, etc. The first thing on Hensler’s bucket list is to start a mental health brand to help others with their depression or stress.


Mental health is something that takes control over the entire human body. “I think it is important to have good mental health or else you will not be able to concentrate well,” notes freshman Dean Dulas. According to Global Youth Culture, U.S. teenagers are in a mental health crisis. 60% reported experiencing depression, 66% reported high anxiety, 75% reported feelings of loneliness, and 35% reported having had suicidal thoughts. A handful of teens use products like Hugz or something a bit different. Sophomore Trinity Rivera says, “I have this big stuffed animal and his name is Gerome. He is huge and about the size of me and I sleep with him. He does not usually sleep on me but I use it as a pillow and I hug him and it is very comforting. Sometimes screaming into it.” If someone feels the need to let all the tears and anger out it is always okay to scream into a pillow or stuffed animal, it will always feel better in the end.


Lexi Hensler uses all her social media platforms to promote the importance of mental health and her adorable brand Hugz.