Murky March : CdM Students Comment on the California Rain

When people think of California, they think about sunny skies all year round. Despite this misconception, Californias have recently experienced heavy rainfall and fog, high speed winds, and seven extreme snowfall and hail in Southern California’s inland empire. This year began with severe weather, heavy snow, and relentless rain. In turn, some people are experiencing high levels of snow; others may have dealt with the atmospheric river causing floods and warnings in some parts of California. Though not hit as severely, Newport Beach students at CdM are also affected by persistent rain and the Santa Ana winds that come with it.


Students are finding the rain and wind is causing them to drive with added caution. Andrew Shumway is a student driver and commented that when driving he has “to just be more careful” than an average day due to the conditions. Mason Nguyen, a freshman who usually walks/bikes to and from school has recently had to opt for getting a ride and said that for “people who walk or take bikes it’s not that safe” because “they have the chance to slip and fall” or the cold increases their probability of getting sick. He continues to describe how more and more of his peers who have yet to receive their license are “forced to take cars [or have] their parents drive them here” causing a change in their schedules. Delany Duby agrees and details how she leaves the home earlier to accommodate. Students who enjoy the season find themselves to be more productive. Several students find it better to focus during the rain. When talking with Shumway, a junior at CdM, he stated, “I like the cold better than the heat…I find it more relaxing,” and went on to say, “It’s [easier] to study when it’s cold” because the rain is calming. Duby and Gizem Gorduren, sophomores at CdM, are both enjoying the rain and spoke about their study habits staying the same as before. On the other hand, students like Nguyen, a freshman at CdM, prefer warm weather “because sometimes when studying” he likes “to go out and be in the sun” rather than cooped up inside, which he’s had to do these past few weeks.


When the tables outside aren’t an option because of the rain, many CdM students like Shumway and Nguyen enjoy studying at the LRC “because it’s quiet” and because of the “music, there’s a good atmosphere.” Duby, a member of the lighting crew at CdM “honestly [loves] the lighting room [in the theater]” especially “between rehearsals.” Going on to say that, the atmosphere and quiet “is so nice up there.”


Though the rain has made transportation, productivity and school activities difficult for some, CdM students have found ways to work around the prolonged wet season. Through it all some students have found new study spots on campus to help boost their productivity and leaving early due to potential traffic caused by the rain has allowed them to maintain punctuality.