Good Habits

Getting ready to get active. Photo courtesy of @malikskyds via Unsplash.

Getting ready to get active. Photo courtesy of @malikskyds via Unsplash.

Olivia Clarke, Journalist

People are often told to break their bad habits, usually by stopping or changing something they’ve been doing for as long as they can remember. While breaking bad habits is helpful in anyone’s life to remove stress or negativity, creating new and good habits can be just as beneficial. Whether the habits are mental or physical, keeping up a routine with any positive activity is good for your mind.


One good habit that freshman Brooke Wood has is keeping up is “getting all of [her] schoolwork and homework done during free time in classes.” She says “that way when I get home I can just relax.” Although she is already organized for school, she says she would like to try “having a planner because my friends keep saying I should get one so maybe I will.” Having a planner is one of the best ways to stay on top of assignments and personal or school-related events.


Reestyn Boucher, a freshman, says, “a good habit I have is staying active by playing sports and going to the gym. If you don’t stay active you get lazy and unhealthy.” Staying fit physically helps to reduce stress and release endorphins which make people happy. She also wants to “try studying earlier, specifically the week before a test instead of putting it off until the last minute, I’ll be better prepared that way.” Spreading out studying over the course of a week is much better than cramming the night before as well because it improves your memory on whatever topic is being studied rather than reviewing notes one time and forgetting them.


Ashley Jones is also a freshman and she shares her good habits for school. “My study habits benefit me because they help me get good test scores and higher grades.” Hand writing notes instead of typing them out has been proven to help for memorization. That is why Jones also mentioned “I want to try writing down to-do lists so that I don’t forget anything.”