Thankful Grams


ram: photo courtesy of Haley Rael edited using iPhone.

Haley Rael and

On November 21, CdM ASB hosted a thankful grams event to give students and teachers at CdM a chance to show how grateful they are for each other. It was perfect timing with Thanksgiving, a holiday when you remember what you are thankful for being right around the corner.

During the event, students and staff wrote short messages on a decorative card to be given to people they were thankful for the next day in the morning. The notes could either be signed or written anonymously if people wanted to be mysterious and surprise their friends.

The event took place in front of the ASB room during lunch. It started slow but gained momentum as more people came. One of whom was Mikayla Roby, and when asked about how events like this spread culture around CdM, she responded, “I think they help people connect with their friends on campus. I would like to see some more events like this in the future.”  Another student that took part in the grams, Lauren Gilliam said, ” I like appreciating people.” Though the event only lasted one lunch, the enthusiasm of these students shows how well events such as this help bring together the school.

The main organizer of the event, Michelle Nguyen, thinks that “These events spread culture in CdM by just boosting morale overall and letting people know that they’re appreciated, which I think just lightens CdM’s atmosphere overall.”

Overall, the thankful gram event was a success because it gave students time in their busy lives to reflect on what and who is important to them. The event gave students and teachers an opportunity to express how grateful they are for one another for Thanksgiving. Trident is looking forward to continuing to see kind and positive messages sent from ASB through activities and events like this.