Transitioning From Being Sick With Covid Back To Reality


Summer Perry, Journalist

Like a punch, Covid-19 hits you when you’re least expecting it! It strictly shows up just to ruin your immune system and set you off track from everything. For those who have experienced the dreadful vacation that Covid-19 brings it seems to be anything but a relaxing time. With tissues on the right and cough medicine to the left, the never-ending desire to be healthy comes into fruition.


Although you may be sick the world still spins, homework is still passed out, and life goes on.

Alexis Briggeman, a Junior here at CdM advises to “Stay up to date on your homework so you’re not overwhelmed when you go back to school.” To not reach an anxiety level above ten the need to email teachers and keep up with the daily assignments is a must in regards to maintaining scholastic success.


The reality of it all is that you’re stuck in a repairing cycle of healing your body. With this, your body urges much-needed sleep and the chance to get away from all the stress that school, sports, or activities may bring. So don’t forget just how important it is to sleep and allow yourself to relax as much as possible.


Upon your return to school, it seems to be overwhelming as your brain is saturated with the amount of work that has to be done to keep up with every single class. You forget how easy it is to lose your routine as you try to pick up where you left off. Despite this, “it [is] really nice going back to school and getting to be in class again” says Alexis. The smile that lights up your face when interacting with friends or teachers is ultimately way better than being locked up in a prison of sickness.


In the end, having Covid-19 or even potentially being exposed to it threatens every part of your life and with that, the world must come together to stay away from each other!