CdM Students’ Thanksgiving Plans


Photo courtesy of Sia Vij (next page)

Eliana Posin, Journalist

What is the one holiday a year that it is encouraged to eat until it is physically impossible to take another bite? The holiday that younger siblings who have an older sibling in college look forward to? The holiday that Turkeys dread? That’s right, Thanksgiving! This past Thanksgiving, (after last year’s COVID-affected Thanksgiving) families all over America came together this past November 27th to celebrate, eat, and express immense gratitude for what they have. Students at CdM had lot’s to be thankful for this past week that they had off school! 


Junior Kyra Gregory decided to stay close to home over break, taking advantage of her free time to sleep in and catch up on some work. With all of her free time, she also made sure to take a break from the Junior year workload and spend lots of time with friends and family. For her Thanksgiving dinner, she had the traditional Thanksgiving feast at her aunt’s house with lots of relatives reuniting for the occasion. “There was turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, the usual,” Gregory shared, “the sweet potatoes were definitely my favorite.” 


Some students decided to venture a little further from home over the five day break. Junior Sia Vij flew as far as Sedona, Arizona for the well-deserved leisure time. She participated in many fun activities out in AZ, such as hiking, swimming, even just lounging by the pool. Her Thanksgiving dinner was a little more low-key, with only her close family attending. “It was not a big dinner, but we still had lots of Thanksgiving food. The mashed potatoes were so good,” Vij says, reminiscing in her small but delicious meal. Students at CdM must have a thing for potatoes!


This past Thanksgiving break was a breath of fresh air for everyone at CdM. The first break for the Freshman, a lightened test and homework load for the Sophomores and Juniors, and a chance to put finishing touches on college apps for the Seniors. With finals and winter break approaching, CdM knows what season it is now. Christmas! Tune back in next month for an update on CdM students’ Christmas plans!