Thanksgiving Traditions

Mo Alrabiah, Journalist

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November families all over the states celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday filled with fun, family, and turkey of course. Some families have their own traditions that they do, which might seem different from others. In this article, Thanksgiving traditions and the different traditions families might have will be discussed


Most families follow the traditions of the first Thanksgiving, others made completely different traditions, like the turkey pardon, and the wishbone, which will be the main traditions discussed here.


The turkey pardon. Every Thanksgiving, the president at that time receives a gift of two live turkeys, the president then picks one of the two turkeys to be set free to live on a farm. It might seem like a lot, but presidents past, present, and future might be excited about this honor.


The wishbone. This tradition includes one of the turkey bones, this tradition uses the wishbone. The wishbone is attached to the breast meat which is found in the turkey’s chest. After the feast, and the wishbone has had the chance to become dry and brittle, two people hold each end of the wishbone, make a wish, and then pull on the bone, cutting it into two pieces. Whoever has the larger piece of bone is said to have his or her wish come true.


Of Course, there are many more traditions, even ones that are hidden and only a few families do, which also means that almost every holiday has traditions and that there are the families that follow the original ones, and families that create their own traditions.