New Bathroom Policy


Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

The past few weeks have been very chaotic. With the bathrooms getting destroyed because of the “Devious Licks” challenge on Tik Tok and the girl’s bathroom being set on fire on September 24th. To take control over all the chaos CdM has put in a new bathroom policy, to ensure they know who is in the bathroom, or out of class at what time.

The new policy requires multiple things to be done before a student can leave the classroom during class. If a student wants to go to the bathroom or anywhere else outside of class they must follow three steps. Step one is for the student or the teacher (depends on what the teacher has decided) to fill out the google form by scanning the QR code posted in classrooms. Step two is to exchange their phone for a pass from their teacher, they must have this pass on them when outside of the classroom. Step three is to fill out the same form when the student gets back to log in when they have returned. This is how the school is keeping track of who is out of class, when they left and returned, and where they were at. By doing this, when vandalism happens the school knows who was out of class during the incident.

The bathroom policy isn’t the only new thing, the school is also reinstating after-school detention, lunch clean-up for those who can’t do it after school, for minor offenses. They are also requiring any students who are sitting around campus during their open period, to have proof that they have an open period. If a student is seen sitting around campus and asked by the administration to show proof, there are a couple of ways the student can do this. They can carry around their printed schedule and show the administrator or they can log into Aries or Schoology and show them their digital schedule. They will also be locking most of the bathrooms, leaving only the bathrooms in the 300 and 500 building open, during class time to reduce the amount of bathrooms students have access to since most of the destruction is happening during class. All the bathrooms will be unlocked during break and lunch.

Mr. Hill sent out a video on Schoology on Monday regarding the new policy. After explaining what was going on on campus and listing reasons why those things were happening he stated, “Regardless, we need to address it to ensure that our campus is a safe and productive place for students and staff to learn and work.” He then spent the rest of the video going over all the new expectations. At the end of the video, he gave recognition to students who have been helpful during these hard times. He stated, “Students have been responsible for the damage, but they have also been responsible for helping us find the people who caused it, helping us clean it up, and literally putting out fires.”

When asked what she thought about the new policy, 9th grader Sophia Aghakhani expressed, “I feel like it’s kind of time-consuming, but at the same time I guess it’s necessary to keep our bathrooms clean.” Sophia Razipour, also 9th grade, chimed in with, “I think it’s a little bit more difficult for the teachers and for the students, but I think considering everything that’s happened it’s gonna be needed for a little bit until we get back in order.”