September Recap 


Ryleigh Snow, Journalist

The popular quote heard from many mouths at the end of 2020, was ´Wow! That was the longest year of my life!¨ but the quote heard more recently is ¨Jeez! 2021 is longer than last year!¨ Just to get started processing the thought behind the long year it’s been so far, here is a recap of the most recent month, September.

CdM Seakings football has so far had an undefeated season! What more perfect Friday night activity to do this September than to go watch the best football team around. Jack moody says, ¨you can always catch my friends and I at the football games on Friday nights and usually at in n out after.¨ Speaking of football, this month many of us have participated in fantasy football. Drafting for your team, somehow winning even though you auto-drafted, or somehow losing because you chose Mccaffrey, are all vital pieces to a successful game with your friends.

Girls volleyball has also had some impressive wins this September! Maddie Canfield says, “This season we have really developed a strong bond with our teammates creating a really fun environment at games! We all have grown as a team and friends as we all spend time together at practice, lifting and games! Our best games have been versus Marina, Sage, and Edison!”

On a non-sports-related note, this month we had to say goodbye to one of the most favorite faces on campus. On September 13, our dear friend and beloved teacher, Mr. Emme passed away due to a cycling accident, followed by a coma that lasted for about a week before his passing. The CdM community was and still is in mourning over this loss. The students loved you, Mr. Emme!

Overall, September has been a long month, but October is right around the corner! So please CdM, do us a favor and try not to burn down another girl’s bathroom this time!