What did CdM Students do Over Summer?


Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

Summer vacation has always been a time of year students all over the world have looked forward to. They count down the minutes and celebrate with joy when it finally arrives. This past summer vacation was looked forward to even more. For the first time in over a month, students could go places and see people. COVID wasn’t over, but it was much better and that allowed people to leave the bubble, called their house, they had been stuck in for a while. The students of CdM definitely took advantage of this opportunity and did many fun things over the summer.


Senior Lauren Dickinson and freshman Mikayla Roby both got to leave the country. Dickinson went to see family in England and Roby got to see her Mom’s family in Mexico. Roby also got to go see her best friend in Florida and watched Loki. Freshman Natalie Gurney and junior Mykale Stubbs also got to leave the state. Mykale went to Vegas and played basketball with some new people. Gurney went to Hawaii as well as hanging out with friends and going to the beach a lot. Juniors Allie Duarte, Millie Clark, Caroline Carvelli, Hannah Hykes, and Lianna Kabab also got to spend time together and go to Catalina (pictured top right).  Senior Tom Eastmond went backpacking, with some friends, along the Trans-Catalina trail, he said, “Along the way we met many great people including Ranger Dave and a man simply known as ‘Judge’ ” (pictured bottom). Sophomore Nina Nasseri also got to travel in state and visited Palm Springs.


Some students stayed local this summer. Sophomore Sofía Martínez watched Black Widow and went to the OC fair with a few friends. Senior Matthew Palladino also hung out around Orange County and got a job at the Beachcomber (pictured top left). Sophomore Kellie Brown celebrated her birthday at Knotts Berry Farm.


CdM students had quite a bit of fun this summer and are probably counting down the days to next summer.