Starting Out Strong


Anabelle Taylor, Journalist

The first week of school is full of potential and new beginnings. But it all depends on your attitude. Going into the 2021 school year, Mama Mary feels “super strong and steady.” She’s very optimistic about seeing more students in person, opening up college events, and getting all students into their dream college. For less confident Sea Kings on campus, Mama Mary suggests communicating with your teachers and “ask for help about whatever you need.”

Dylan Mirhashemi has a positive attitude about his first week of Sophomore year. His start of high school last year was quite bleak due to COVID, but this year he is looking forward to the Battle of the Bay. Being on Zoom last year, staying on top of classwork proved challenging for most students. Mirhashemi was no different. However, this year he has made a resolution to have no missing assignments. While he won’t have to worry about missing assignments this year, he does have some concerns about going back to school. Mirhashemi, like many CdM students and staff, is worried about the prospect of going back to online learning as a result of hospitals filling up with patients sick with Delta and Lambda variants. These fears are not unfounded. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, almost 78% of hospital beds in the ICU are in use, and about one-third of those patients (22,345) have the COVID.

Junior Yasmine Kallel, has mixed feelings about being back in school. Kallel said she was very excited to meet her teachers in person and start to go back to normal. On the other hand, Kallel is a very ambitious student with a heavy class load. She expressed some nervousness about the mountain of work ahead of her as well as the general pressures of Junior year.

CdM Trident wishes these students the best of luck this school year.