How People Spend St. Patrick’s Day


Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

When it comes to holidays everyone celebrates differently. St. Patrick’s day was just a few weeks ago and there are many different ways people celebrate. When the holiday originated in Ireland it was celebrated with religious services, feasts, and parties in honor of the life of St. Patrick, a patron saint in Ireland. In 1737 it started being celebrated in America, and in 1903 it became a national holiday. Today, all throughout the world people throw large parties and parades consisting of Irish themed decorations. New York City throws a party that consists of two million people and lasts for six hours, Chicago dyes their river green (as shown in picture above), and even McDonalds sells a mint green “shamrock” shake. There are also some that don’t even celebrate at all. Although celebrated differently the most common way is to wear green, the color of Irish independence. When asked 75% of people said they wore green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Students at CdM have their own varying traditions. When asked what they did to celebrate respondents had some interesting answers. Tom Eastmond said that, “The Family watches the 1952 John Ford classic ‘The Quiet Man’ starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, over an Irish dinner consisting of cabbage, boiled potatoes, corned beef, and soda bread. It gives Thanksgiving a run for its money in terms of good food.” Sophie Vienna said “We dye our dog green,” a very fun and creative way to celebrate. Mykale Stubbs has a whole list of things he does, “I pinch the scream out of someone, I give hugs to people who wear green, I compliment people , I eat a lot of candy, I clean and wash clothes with green soap.” Allie Duarte stated that her, “…mom makes corn beef for dinner.” All these ways are exciting ways to spend March 17th.