Travel Destinations and Trends

Travel Destinations and Trends

Nika Aydin, Journalist

With spring break approaching and summer around the corner, it is no secret travel has changed significantly over the past year. From mask requirements to empty airplanes, temperature checks at hotels and so many more changes, the travel industry has adapted to create safe travel experiences. Not only has the industry itself evolved but the way consumers chose to travel has changed as well. At the start of the pandemic, road trips were a common trend, but as flights have proven to be safe, domestic air travel has opened up. And now with the vaccine rollout, international travel may be safe in the coming months as well.

Travel trends continue to evolve as the state of the virus does, however, some of the major travel trends that have emerged and persisted over the pandemic include the great outdoors and longer travel.

The Great Outdoors: Outdoor trips, not only are more covid friendly and allow for more distancing measures but as everyone has been stuck inside, dependent on technology and wifi, getting some fresh air and some movement has been something people have been craving. Trips to local state parks and appreciating the outdoors whether its beach, mountain, or desert have become some of the top travel destinations. Ava Manly, CdM sophomore, says “my family and I have been doing a lot of weekend trips to Palm Springs and it’s really nice to spend time outside by the pool after being inside all day with school.” Ava, along with many other students, have been enjoying the beautiful and diverse California scenery over the pandemic and this is a trend that will likely last beyond the pandemic.

Longer travel: Another major trend is longer travel. As many are able to work remotely and schools are still offering remote learning, many are choosing to take longer trips, settling into their travel destination. This trend is likely rooted in quarantine restrictions when arriving at a new place, to minimize the spread of covid. However, many are taking advantage of the opportunity to work and learn remotely often known as “virtual nomads.” Although we hope to get back to school soon, the flexibility that distance learning and work have provided may allow this trend to continue beyond the pandemic as well.