The Power Within Crystals


Hunter Lejano, Journalist

Most underestimate crystals, thinking it’s just some rock minded up for people to admire but there’s so much more. Working with crystals can help individuals shift energy and emotions that they’ve been holding on to, such as issues from the past that are holding one back or affecting everyday lives. Crystals are also good for clearing away stress or energy that were picked up from others, and they can enable one to feel calmer and able to think more clearly. Junior, Maya Clausmen, vouches for crystals by saying “I’ve noticed such a difference in how I look at things and attract energy, it’s insane how such a small rock can affect me.”

Crystals resonate at different frequencies. The frequency depends on factors such as the crystal’s structure, which is called the crystal system or habitat and the color of the crystal. Everyone is aware, subconsciously, of energy around themselves, and placing crystals on or around the body can help bring balance by increasing or decreasing the frequency of a person’s energy. This helps people feel more relaxed and positive, allowing the body to heal itself more efficiently.

The crystals colors can help direct one about the crystals properties. Black, red, and brown crystals are generally used when there is a need for grounding and in the mattress concerning basic needs for survival. Orange crystals are enlivening and energizing, and it can encourage creativity. Yellow crystals boosts confidence and cheers people up, so it’s good to use when there is fear or sadness. Green helps with issues concerning love, although pink helps when there is a need for self-love. Light blue crystals govern expressions and communication. Dark blue and any purple can encourage “knowing,” such as intuition and seeing the whole situation. Purple crystals connect one to the energy around them, such as gods and goddesses, universal energy, our higher selves, and so on. Clear stones bring a white light, so they are very good for clearing and bring clarity. White stones are similar in energy to clear crystals, but the energy is less direct, so they are a bit gentler. The energy of multi-colored crystals varies, because there is often more than one mineral involved. For example, quartz will enhance the energy of any mineral, such as tourmalinated quartz that is bonded with black tourmaline, whereas ruby in zoisite is more green than red.

Before going out, maybe consider slipping some small crystals in a secure place on  body. Then after a few times of holding them, reflect how perspectives change, has the tension within yourself disappeared?

*disclaimer* This is the opinions and beliefs of the author, and isn’t necessarily proven fact.