New Year’s Resolutions


Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

2020 has been quite a year. It’s the kind of year that will go down in history and be referenced time and time again. Although this year is so historic, people can’t wait for it to be over. With the end of any year but especially and year like this comes this feeling of change. The whole “new year, new me” is stronger than ever this year. Even though new year’s resolutions are notorious for not coming true it’s always worth the try.

The students at CDM definitely have their eye on change for themselves this year. Here are a couple of their new year’s resolutions.

“Keep a positive outlook on everything, even when everything in front of you seems to be failing“- Cole Hendrix 11

“Spend more time outside”- Sonia Agarwal, 11

“Get all A+’s for at least one quarter this school year, run a mile in under 5 minutes, get 100% on a test of FRQ in AP human geography”- Wynne Young, 9

“I hope to be more productive next year”- Sabina Martin

“Being more responsible and starting to plan for the future like college”- Dylan Rogers, 1

“Get to 6ft”- Sean Korraa

“Be more nicer to people in my grade”- Kyle Davis, 10

“To improve my skills in sports”- Nico Lozana, 9

“Become a better surfer”- Cameron Tusa, 9

“I want to get much better grades then I did last year. And start being more independent like getting a driver’s license, job, car, money ext. ext.”- Sophia Daboub

“To read 5+ books, learn a new language”- Stavros Politis, 11

“Read all the books I bought on Black Friday”- Mikayla Shaffer, 11

“Improve my English skills. Be able to talk to school friends”- Soyoka Hiraill, 11

“To do better in school”- Callum Cianfrani, 9

“My new year’s resolution is to start lifting more weights and getting into good shape because I’m not in shape at the moment”- Jake Zacher, 12

“I am going to study this year”- Enzo Marino, 10

“Get better grades”- Camren Slmoncelli, 9

“Get good grades, make more friends, get better at drawing, to play games with people”- Kathleen Stender