Pleasurable Places


Hunter Lejano, Journalist

It’s hard for some students to stay cooped up at home all day not doing much. There are many places to explore, hangout with friends, and eat closer than you think. Such as grabbing a shake and enjoying the sunset too discovering the coolest items at the best thrift stores. Student Christy Lee shares a couple of pleasurable places she goes to have fun.

Going to the beach is a popular thing to do but do you know about these beautiful beaches that Christy loves? “The beach is a big part of my life” she says, ”especially when everyone lives so close too.” There are many ways the beach can be enjoyable, whether having a picnic while watching the sunset or a dip in the ocean to enjoy the cold rush of water as you run into the waves. The Crystal Cove Shake Shack is most convenient for a picnic. The Shake Shack is just up the stairs from the beach so you can grab your food then take a short trip down the beach and appreciate the sunset. If you’re looking to swim Christy recommends Divers Cove or Shaw’s Cove. “I’m scared of the waves” she adds hesitantly, “but the waves there can be pretty calm most of the time,” Christy shares. These beaches can be the most relaxing as Christy explains how “it’s not as crowded as most beaches and it’s amazing for tanning.”

Thrift shopping became the new trend and this activity is a fun way to pass time and stay busy. This new trend is exciting for Christy because, “I’m interested in clothing and I want to pursue something with fashion in the future.” The OC Mystery Box is an exciting thrift store that has an abundance of the most random items. Christy says “thrift shopping is such a fun experience with friends because i’ve found items and clothes that we’ve never seen before.”

Lastly, if you’re looking to enjoy the sunset, food, and ocean, a Duffy boat ride is for you. “Me and my friends love going on Duffy’s,” says Christy with excitement. Duffy Boats are great for dining with friends and enjoy each other’s company out in the bay. All of these beautiful places are located nearby in Lagua Beach or your home, Newport Beach. “There’s so much more to do around here; you just have to want to be busy to find out what you’re doing today.”