What are People Watching?


Kaydence Osgood, Journalist

Quarantine has given us lots of time to burn through movies and shows. Streaming services offer categories that consist of what others are watching but those are based on what everybody is watching, not just your peers at CDM. I recently sent out a google form asking respondents what their favorite top shows and movies, from the past couple of months, were.

The top three winners for shows were Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, Lucifer, and Cobra Kai. The Umbrella Academy won with 61.1% of votes. Carter P. explains it as “… a cool concept of washed up superheroes after their glory days and executes it well with storytelling, character-development, and comedy. Respondents said “ Binge watched it in 2 days, it was that good “ -anonymous. Lucifer got 19.4% of votes. It was explained as “  Really interesting (and) puts a realistic twist on Christianity, ” Sophie V. Others said “ it’s one of my favorites, “ Irasema L. Cobra Kai received 11.1% of votes. The show follows Johnny Lawarence thirty years after the first Karate Kid movie. Jett C says “ It’s fun and exciting. “

The top three movies were Netflix’s The Kissing Booth 2 , Enola Holmes, and All the Bright Places and The Half of it tied. The Kissing Booth 2 won by 32.4%. The sequel to the first movie follows Elle and Noah through their long distance relationship. It received reviews such as “ The movie was a great sequel to the first one. Many twists and turns and a great plot “- Saylor R. Enola Holmes received 23.5% of the votes. This movie spotlights Sherlock Holmes’ sister, Enola, while trying to find her mother. Sam J. says “ Great acting from amazing actors. Script is awesome.” All the Bright Places and The Half of it won with 11.8 % of votes. All the Bright Places follows the love story of Violet and Theodore after the passing of Violet’s sister. Kellie B said “ It was very good acting and had a good plot. “ The Half of it follows Ellie, Aster, and Paul through the ups and downs of teenage romance. Sofia M. said “ I love this movie, it’s such a good twist on a rom-com.”