Sudan: A Country in Crisis

Micky Rai, Journalist

Photo courtesy of: PopBuzz

Go on Instagram or Twitter and you’re bound to see multiple accounts with a solid blue profile picture. Because of social media, the world is becoming increasingly aware of the events that have happened and are happening in Sudan.

          Sudan is a country in Africa bordering Chad and Eritrea. Many Sudanese people started to protest in December of 2018 against the reign of former President Omar al-Bashir, who resigned on April 11, 2019. He had been the President for around 30 years. He seized the presidency forcefully in a military coup in 1989. The Sudanese just recently started protesting because the government decided to raise the price for common goods such as bread and fuel. This protesting then spiraled into disorder and chaos regarding Omar al-Bashir’s long reign.

          Now that he has resigned Sudan has no President. Instead, the Transitional Military Council has taken control saying that it “needs to be in charge to retain order and security.” This is not the case. Over the past week, 113 people have been killed, 723 injured, 650 arrested, and 54 raped.

          When Jacob Roytman, a student as CdMHS, was asked his thoughts on this he said: “I feel very bad for the innocent people who have died and the families of those who have died.” Matthew Palladino said, “Something needs to be done to help the Sudanese people.” Many celebrities and people all over the world have changed their profile pictures to blue to show support for Sudan and increase awareness. Sadly, if nothing is done in the next few weeks more and more people are going to die.