Benefits of Doing Yoga

Ivy Hollander, Journalist

Photo courtesy of Y2 Yoga

People do yoga for so many different reasons, and it helps so many people differently. The purpose of doing yoga is to build the mind and body through strength and harmony. Whether someone has great experience in yoga or no experience at all, yoga is so great for everyone.

The first benefit in taking part in yoga classes is that it helps build people’s physical state. This can include someone’s flexibility, muscle strength, energy, weight reduction, cardio, and so many more. Yoga can also help lower blood pressure and help reduce a person’s insomnia. Many sports teams participate in yoga classes together to also help build a better athletic performance.

The next benefit of yoga would be improving someone’s mental state. Aside from the physical benefits of yoga, yoga can really help with someone’s stress levels. With the different yoga positions and calming music, the stress levels of a person can really go down. Doing yoga weekly can improve and help clear the mind and body awareness.

Another benefit is that yoga is for everyone. No matter the age or if someone has an injury, there will always be substitutes for some of the positions that someone might not be able to accomplish. There are also so many different kinds of yoga. This list can include hot yoga, power yoga, relaxation yoga, prenatal yoga, and so many more.

As said before, flexibility is a huge advantage of taking yoga classes. When the core is improved, it leads to better posture which leads to a smaller chance of having shoulder, back, and neck pain. When eating healthy and participating in yoga classes often, a better digestive system will be the result. All in all, participating in yoga is a great way to clear the mind and brain while having some fun.