Boba With Luv


Thuy Pham, Journalist

This past weekend, thousands of BTS fans and dessert fanatics rushed out to HeekTea in Gardena, California for an event in celebration of K-pop boy group BTS’ sixth anniversary since debuting. The event attracted a wide variety of customers, from older to fangirls to those as young as six years old who were accompanied by these parents. Seeing as the line stretched as long as a six-hour wait on its busiest day, Saturday, the dedication of BTS fans are unlike any other.

Corona del Mar senior Kristina Narinyan was one of the guests at the event, where she enjoyed both the beverages offered, donuts, and the company of other BTS fans.

“It was a really fun event! There were a lot of different drinks to choose from, which made it all the more enjoyable. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait six hours as some of our friends had, but we waited for two instead. It was so worth it though!” she says when asked about the event and her overall satisfaction with it.

Events like these for K-pop fans are not uncommon, and they’re actually formally known as “cup-sleeve” events. Cup-sleeve events are small little events organized by a few fans or a team of fans for K-pop related events such as K-pop star birthdays, debut anniversaries, or celebrating an achievement in the artist’s career. In the case of this past weekend’s event for BTS, fans gathered to celebrate six years of BTS being formed as a group since June of 2013. The event was hosted at HeekTea, a boba boutique specializing in house-made bubble teas as well as blended drinks, on the weekend of June 7-9. The event featured seven different drinks for seven of the different members of BTS, each with a different flavor and uniqueness. Customers then had the option to choose to add unique topping such as boba or pudding.

Though there are plenty more cup-sleeve events that will be hosted for other events in the upcoming years related to K-pop stars, it was not until this past year that these events started to become a trend.