Two Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Two Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Audrey Tumbarello, Journalist

Procrastination, or putting off a task until the last minute, is extremely popular among many people, but it especially has a negative impact on teens. Procrastination occurs between many teens that do not comprehend how much time homework or a project will take. Also, many teens are perfectionists and tend have anxiety, so in an effort to try and control the stress they may be dealing with they procrastinate. Although, there is always a solution.

  1. Set Deadlines and expectations:

Writing an objective or goal down on a piece of paper helps people follow through with what they want to accomplish. It is very easy to think that you are going to complete something, but most people do not have a long term memory. By not writing down deadlines, it allows you to not follow through. If you are dealing with procrastination, then seperate homework or projects into small portions, and fulfill those deadlines when they come around, so you can take tiny steps to eliminating procrastination from your life.

     2) Go straight home and work:

After school many people want to eat lunch or have a snack. Then, they want to go   and hang out with friends or have a sport, so they get very occupied. Teens tend to avoid doing the homework by doing anything instead of it. A good way to fix this is go straight home and start your homework and do it is 30 minute increments, with 5-10 minute breaks. With this solution you will be able to complete all of your homework.


All in all, procrastination is hard to overcome unless you work on it. It is worth ending, so later on in life when you have a real job procrastination will not control you.