Benefits of Bullet Journals

Angelina Jia, Journalist

Bullet journals are a rising trend taking the internet by a storm with their artistic and creative spreads and designs. A bullet journal is a (usually dotted)notebook filled with anything the journalist decides to put in it. It can range from documenting the past, planning for the week, or tracking lifestyle habits. Bullet journalists personalize their notebooks with a variety of different tools and techniques. Some dedicate their journal to drawing/scrapbooking, some have calligraphy and creative hand-written fonts, and many others use stickers or special pens to customize it to their style. No matter what the content is, these journals come with positive benefits.

Civilized writes that bullet journaling greatly helps with one’s organization, which an especially important skill to develop at an early age. Because the book gives you a place to write down anything and everything important, ranging from mandatory meetings to your mental state, it helps keep your thoughts organized and more connected. CdM freshman Lauren Dickenson just started bullet journaling this year. “Having a bullet journal has made an impact on my life, I can stay organized by having goals, tasks, and trackers all in one book, and it helps me destress!” She recommends the hobby for anyone since it has made such a positive impact on her so far. Many other students at CdM have found it to be helpful in keeping their life on track. As Dickenson mentioned, the journaling helps relieve stress. The “art” of making a bullet journal gives a person something to put their creative mind to and lets them pour out stress into their designs as well as take their mind off of whatever is causing the stress. Since students today have a sometimes overwhelming amount of information they are expected to remember, having a place to write it all down can really help relieve tension.