President Trump Supports Boris Johnson for UK Prime Minister


Sierra Hurson, Journalist

With the upcoming resignation of the current UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, the Conservative Party is looking towards new leadership. President Trump has been paying very careful attention to the possible Conservative contenders and believes that Boris Johnson would be a great fit for the job. President Trump stated, “I actually have studied it very hard. I know the different players. But I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent. I like him. I have always liked him. I don’t know that he is going to be chosen but I think he is a very good guy, a very talented person.” President Trump also discussed how his endorsements are powerful and. Hold great significance in the global arena. He said “I could help anybody if I endorse them.” Whoever replaces Theresa May as Prime Minister must be selected by the Conservative Party as their Party Leader. In the UK, the executive and legislative branches are fused, meaning the head of the legislature is also the head of the executive. Theresa May has declared her resignation due to the chaos caused by the Brexit deal and her inability to propose a deal that garnered support in Parliament. President Trump mentioned that he was “surprised how badly” the Brexit deal and negotiations towards the deal played out. President Trump believes that the deal failed so miserably because the UK “failed to put pressure” on the European Union, not giving them any incentive to cooperate.