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Veterans Day Weekend

Photo courtesy of Maha1450 via Getty Images and iStockphoto

Throughout history, the bravery and sacrifice of the United States military and military families have been necessary and have not gone unnoticed. Veteran’s Day, first created to commemorate the Armistice Day following World War I, was announced by President Woodrow Wilson as a national day on November 11, 1919. Its original intent was to briefly suspend business on this day to observe public parades and meetings in celebration of the United States Armed Forces veterans who fought in World War I. On Armistice Day, 1947, Raymond Weeks honored veterans with a parade, while also pushing for the day to include all veterans, not just those who fought in World War I. Veteran’s Day was officially declared a legal holiday in 1938, and only grew in popularity following World War II. In 1954, Congress officially changed the name of the holiday from Armistice Day to Veterans Day. This change also expanded the celebration to include all veterans, honoring everyone who served the country. In 1968, Congress issued a three-day weekend for federal employees, and this continues today. Along with Veterans Day, there are now a variety of holidays celebrated in other countries that also mark the end of World War I, such as Remembrance Day, a day commemorated by Commonwealth Nations to recognize the soldiers who died on the battlefield of the First World War.

Many CdM students appreciate and value the contributions of veterans across the country. Junior Gabby Sosa “think[s] Veteran’s day is all about celebrating those who fought for our country and recognizing all the sacrifices that these people have made.” She has a personal connection to the day as her “uncle was shot in the heart twice in service.” Although he has recovered today, he still bears the effects of his service, and his heart remains bruised. Sosa is glad to have a day set aside to honor the bravery of people such as her uncle. Another student, junior Angie Walsh believes that “Veteran’s Day is important because it allows a day to honor our veterans who risked their lives to serve our country.” During this time, she thinks about her “late grandfather who served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War.” Although Junior Chalize Shirvani does “not know of any veterans”, she agrees that “Veterans Day is important because it shows appreciation to all the people who have fought for our country and, it is good to recognize their sacrifices for all of us.”

Many students also used the time off school for the intended purpose; both Sosa and Walsh spent time with their families honoring their veteran loved ones. Others spent the three-day weekend relaxing, spending time with friends, participating in hobbies, or catching up on homework. During the weekend, Shirvani “mostly did homework” but she “hung out with [her] friends too.”

Celebrated nationwide, Veterans Day comemorates those who have risked their lives to protect their country. This federal holiday gives the whole nation a chance to say “Thank you for your service!”.

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