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The Revolutions of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in grasp. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

One of the biggest innovations in the technology industry, ChatGPT, is introducing new features that can further revolutionize day-to-day life. In November of 2022, when ChatGPT was first introduced, many were astounded by the advanced tasks that AI was capable of. When the program is asked a question, it is immediately able to give a direct and personalized response. With the release of the app there was suddenly a feeling that there could be an A.I. platform for anything one could imagine. Already, with ChatGPT in its current form, users are able to ask their phone or computer “What is the healthiest diet” or “What is the best workout routine recommended by experts,” and receive an answer in a matter of seconds. Recently, it was announced that ChatGPT’s parent company Open A.I. introduced a new feature that allows it to see, hear, and speak to users. The A.I. platform is now able to identify objects based off of photos provided, and analyze and describe their functions and uses. “The ability to upload an image to ChatGPT and instantly receive an analysis on it is super interesting. I am interested in testing it out by identifying plants in my garden or fixing a broken household item. I cannot believe that A.I. has come this far, and am curious to see what the future holds in store for our society,” noted freshman Pasha Tafazoli. Freshman Matthew Huang added that, “Scanning images is revolutionary, and is such a fun and creative tool to play around with. I want to go to the grocery store and put pictures through ChatGPT to see if the A.I. bot will give me unique and creative recipes.” Finally, it was announced that users are now able to have a conversation with ChatGPT, much like Siri, Alexa, or Google Home programs. Tafazoli discussed how, “With the database giving much more personalized answers than other platforms, being able to talk to the A.I. a platform like Siri will be very convenient for people, as oftentimes Siri does not provide the best answers.” The innovations of A.I. appear endless, and the future promises many new innovations that could impact students. 

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