Up & Coming A Little Bit About Inhaler, the Band

Lead singer Eli Hewson belts out a passionate line from his Cuts & Bruises Album

Photo Courtesy of @inhaler on Instagram

Lead singer Eli Hewson belts out a passionate line from his Cuts & Bruises Album Photo Courtesy of @inhaler on Instagram

Britta Wolker, Journalist

In 2021, a four member band from Dublin, Ireland by the name of “Inhaler” released their debut album titled “It Won’t Always Be Like This.” Their Spotify biography defines them perfectly: “they quickly realized their love for dirty bass lines, pounding rhythms and infectious melodies infused with psychedelic soundscapes.” Concocting the perfect recipe for acquiring a strong fanbase, vocalist and guitarist Elijah Hewson, bassist Robert Keating, guitarist Josh Jenkinson, and drummer Ryan McMahon have made their way onto Tiktok, where they have been notorious for their flirtatious staring contests amongst crowd members and encouraging a cowboy hat culture at their concerts. Frontman Elijah Hewson’s father is U2 frontman Bono, which makes perfect sense considering the similarities between both bands’ hard-to-define genre that falls somewhere in between rock alternative, rock pop, and rock post-punk. Inhaler has a song for everyone: tired of love?…turn to “My Honest Face” from the debut album. Falling in love? Try “Now You Got Me” from the newest album released in 2023, Cuts & Bruises.


Junior Mady Lubavin expresses her appreciation for Inhaler because “most of the music [she] listens to is sad and slow and theirs is consistently pretty upbeat and it makes [her] feel good.”

Junior Lexie Popper sees great hope for this up & coming band, their newness to the music industry offering a degree of mystery and excitement for all that is to come in their career. Popper takes a liking to the band due to the “boldness of their style and ability to engage the audience so well.”


“It’s all rock and roll to me” was a comment posted on a Reddit forum which asked users of the app to define U2’s true genre. Some people may define U2’s genre to be this and nothing more because of the fact that it is difficult to pinpoint. Regardless, the band which started in the 70s created a new genre of rock music with an atmospheric, layered feel, passionate lead vocals, seeped into the gentle, yet heart-throbbingly passionate lyrics of Inhaler. Memories are hidden in the form of “only a silhouette” in “Love Will Get You There,” impatience as “we got caught in the ride of being young and alive” in “If You’re Gonna Break My Heart”, and dissatisfaction in the form of “I couldn’t face the faces of my personality” in “Just To Keep You Satisfied.” Inhaler currently has a monthly listener rate of just over one million people; this will likely change soon seeing as their popularity has grown exponentially.